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pet portraits
Commission--Lily by Colliequest
Commission--pet portrait--Yorkie by Colliequest
Mittsy by Colliequest
-Art will be done digitally (on the computer) and sent to the commissioner once completed. (The only reason two of my examples are traditional is to show other pets I have drawn in the fairly recent past.)

-Please be sure to provide good photos for me to use as references. A good photograph will allow me to draw your pet with greater accuracy.

-Finished art will be sent to client through st.ash, and the version that goes to my gallery will be watermarked. Unless otherwise requested, of course.

-I take four slots at a time. Three are currently available.

-One pet per portrait. Not doing full body portraits or multiple pets in one portrait on here because of the nature of the widget and it only working with a fixed price.

(I've never completed a commission through this widget before, so hopefully I know how to work this right.)
Light commission
Dragon by Colliequest
not gonna die by Colliequest
hello hurricane by Colliequest
step up and watch me break down by Colliequest
fly on the wall by Colliequest
 The main idea here is to capture light. It's nothing but shading and lighting--no lines, nothing "solid" under the shading, and color is used very minimally and mainly to emphasize a theme.

Looks best with a dark (but optional) background. Please specify whether you want a dark BG, or a transparent one. On a transparent background, colors should be used more in order to make the picture more visible.

Note: characters only. No background images.


Newest Deviations

Disclaimer regarding my stamps (since people keep bugging me about the disabled comments):
disclaimer for my profile by ColliequestDisabled Comments Stamp by Spikytasticu mad, bro? by Colliequest

top three favorite fictional characters:
Edward Elric Fan Stamp by powderblue22Crona Stamp by MiimichiMinato - Those Eyes by SRKAddict

pairings I ship:
Stamp ~ A mother, dattebane ! by JudietteNaruSaku Stamp by Kosiuko-sanSoul x Maka stamp by LuvzKittenz
Clannad - Nagisa Tomoya by MiuriaEdward x Winry by Gilligan-StampsKirito and Asuna - Sword Art Online - Stamp by Mayu-Hikaru
Alvin and Brittany by ColliequestSonic X Amy Stamp by JetProwerTheFox

Random Favourites

My favorites consist of a variety of things and I encourage you to look through them. Some awesome stuff deserving of attention in there!



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I just put this up here in case anyone would like to leave me some points. I usually use them to trade for llama badges (I want to upgrade my lllama, yo!), or sometimes there's this point commission I'd really like to request. Don't feel like I'm trying to make you feel obligated, I'm not. =) Only donate if you really want to or have points to burn or somethin'.

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This is so beautiful I cried! Watch it, watch it right now!
Okay, so I have to say I don't bother to listen to what's popular today, so I don't know much about what plays on secular radio and such. Most of the music I listen to is Christian or Christian related. (I do listen to some secular music, ones with good lyrics.)

When someone linked to a music video saying here's this week's most popular song, I was struck not only by how much the music totally sucked (and I listen to a good variety of music) but by how shallow the lyrics were. Literally, just about being sexy.
So out of curiosity, I looked up a list of the [URL="…"]currently most popular songs[/URL]. Only looked at the most popular 10, don't have time to look up all 100. (And the songs on that list change with the popularity, so it's a bit different lineup now than two days ago when I looked at it.) More than half of the songs were about sex. (Taylor Swift is an exception. I'm not much of a fan of her music, country break-up songs aren't my thing. But I at least know her songs aren't about being sexy or having sex.)

The music I listen to is not like that. The music I listen to has lyrics that are deep and meaningful and make you think. That's what I go for in music. I'm human, I have a sex drive just like anybody else--but I don't get the appeal of music that focuses so much on sex. Music is supposed to be an expression of emotion--like poetry, but sung to music. But I guess the music we listen to reflects what's on our minds. Just like art and poetry.
Some say that Christian music is no different from secular music. I beg to differ. None of the music I listen to has the message that those songs on the top 100 list do.

Now, don't get me wrong--I do not think just mentioning sex is a no-no. Sex is a fact of life, something all humans have a basic instinct for--I actually do not think it should be a taboo subject and I don't mind talking or even joking about it at all. It's the way people place so much importance on it that I don't get, or why so many of the most popular songs are about it. Music is like poetry, and it seems like there'd be so much more to cover in an art form like music than sex. (Also the way it is mentioned, as if having sex or having a sexy body is the most important thing in life when it isn't.) You feel me?

Thoughts are welcome.
Well, looks like I'll be having to spend a little more money on all this testing than I realized. I guess that's life, might as well get used to it. (Remember, kids, being an adult is a pain the behind.)


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awesome friends:
:iconnazothespyhog: is my younger brother.

Plz accounts I've made: :icontreaderumadplz:

About me & my beliefs and opinions:
Friendly Christian by Danilee3240Now For Something Entirely Different by endlerFriends AND Disagreement Stamp by Spikytastic
hate the game not the player by ColliequestI know stamp by EvilSakuImma horrible, horrible person. :c by World-Hero21
Christianity and society by ColliequestSeriously, and you say we are bad? by RebiValeskamonkey in the middle by Colliequest
Proud To Be A Heterosexual 2 by SoldamanI Am In Fact A Feminist by SionnaDehrSo What Are We Arguing About by SionnaDehr
Obamacare Stamp by Mistress-BloodIn the Reality of It All by SionnaDehrBe Kind Stamp by Southrobin
Libertarian Personal Freedom.. by webgoddessbeliefs by ColliequestIt's More Than That (long description) by RebiValeska
dogs are carnivores by ColliequestRawfeddog by ColliequestRawfedcat by Colliequest
Casual Gamer by MandySeleymy fuel by Colliequestwell yeah by Colliequest

Things I like:
Stamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirlCollie Love Stamp by cloudratCat Love Stamp by cloudrat
Stamp: [Request] I blame the 90's by JammerleeOnline friends stamp by SuyyFriends by jones2000
Kindness Stamp by genkistampsTradi AND Digi Art Love stamp by izka197Painting by laselwoo
Christian Music Stamp by AleximusPrimeChristian metalhead stamp by BlueGoldWarrior12Bright and Beautiful by sailingskyline
Casting Crowns Stamp by DracowulfStamp-Skillet by Jazzy-C-OaksRED Band Stamp by AlfaFilly
Relient K stamp by GezusfreekDisciple Stamp by ScottyTheMan

Stamps about games/shows/movies/fandomstuff:
Christian anime - manga stamp by SailorSolarOkazaki Family - Clannad Stamp by MiuriaStamp: Fullmetal Alchemist by 64SuperNintendo
Sword Art Online Stamp by LinaLeeLstamp :: angel beats by icy-rainPuella Magi Madoka Magica Stamp 2 by MiloticStarShiny
Stamp - Sword Art Online 02 by Kaki-GraphicsCrona Stamp by xSweetSlayerxCrona Stamp - Boy by zb5766
Naruto: Minato Namikaze stamp by Ritsuka-kawaiMinato's Team Stamp by SRKAddictStamp ~  I didn't want to lose you ... by Judiette
Ed cant Fit by Wa-pieStamp 030 by XOStampsPlzOXPiano Playing Angel by life-of-pretense
Emo Corner Stamp by SpeedyAlchemistDango daikazoku stamp by Mayu-HikaruFuko The Bear Stamp :3 .:Clannad:. by Annie-epicjactations
Soul Eater - Stamp by KizushikSoul Eater Stamp by AlClairMaka x Soul stamp by Superpluplush
Ben10 Omniverse by ColliequestPro Archie Sonic Comic stamp by Beau-SkunkWolf Quest Stamp by Kali-caracal
Phineas and Ferb by impersonalinfoPerry the Platypus Stamp by tsunamithedemonPhineas Stamp by L-mon
Female Brony Stamp by SpeedyAlchemistDerpy Hooves Stamp by jewlechoFluttershy Stamp by jewlecho
Manic Fan by Arachne345Shadow Stamp by Miha85
Modern Sonic games stamp by NsiderBurningBlazeI support BROTHERLY love by ChikitaWolf

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