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Journal Dolls
Please specify if you want a blinking or floating motion. Otherwise your doll will be static.
Ghost Sketch
Light transparent sketches over a dark background, with minimal use of color

Note: characters only. No background images.

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Disclaimer regarding my stamps (since people keep bugging me about the disabled comments):
people are the reason by Colliequestdisclaimer for my profile by ColliequestDisabled Comments Stamp by Spikytasticu mad, bro? by Colliequest

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My favorites consist of a variety of things and I encourage you to look through them. Some awesome stuff deserving of attention in there!


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Tiffany | Gender Symbols - Female by TwinkJinx | [PIXEL] Heteroromantic / Heterosexual Shiba Inu by Lepedi | Christian Flag by Blues-Eyes | America Flag by Blues-Eyes

Friendly Christian by DanileeNatsumiLibertarian Personal Freedom.. by webgoddessChristian anime - manga stamp by SailorSolar
Enneatype 9w1 Stamp by PseudolonewolfINFP stamp by faycoonPhlegmatic Stamp by Phillus
Stamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirlCollie Love Stamp by cloudratFurry Stamp by sunbirds
Imma horrible, horrible person. :c by World-Hero21I tried... I can't anymore by JustYoungHeroesI'm Awake | Stamp by NamelessStamps
Give a llama, get a llama by AskGooroovague stamp is vague by Aphosefreedom of thought by Colliequest

PC: Colliequest by NAMEY-D0G

Plz accounts I've made: :icontreaderumadplz:


Haven't done much art lately, I hope to remedy finishing the requests from four months ago. I don't have internet at home right now, but I can upload art when I'm at work.

Life sucks and I've had days where I feel like I'm falling apart lately, but...that's just life, I guess. :hmm:
believe it or not (read the description, kthxbai)

Edit 1/6/2017--comments closed. I welcome discussion and while some have left some very insightful comments, 200+ comments of the rest of y'all just going "lalala I can't hear you and you're wrong" without adding further reasoning is annoying. Don't like it, cry me a river.

To those who asked if I would say the same thing about a racist, that is a good and fair question. The answer is yes, people can be racist without that tainting their entire character. Saying that doesn't mean I'm defending racism, it just means people are complex and can be wrong without being devils.

This stamp arose from my mother getting sent death threats over her religious beliefs. I no longer care what you may personally think of someone, but threatening their safety when they're doing nothing to ham you is wrong and in my mind makes you far more disgusting.

Full disclosure, I myself am in legal support of gay marriage and LGBT rights, in spite of personal beliefs. I believe sexual orientation is probably something you're born with, definitely something you can't help having. That said, I do believe homosexual activity is a sin and therefore before l believe those with those inclinations can choose not to act on them if they believe that to be best. It is up to them.
I am on the fence on transgender issues, but leaning toward the idea that it is legitimate. In any case, I don't believe it's my place to tell others what to do or stop them from doing it.

But I am tired of my friends and family, the people I love, being demonized to the point that people will DEFEND those who wish to hurt them. Sometimes I'm included in the narrative too, since I still believe something to be wrong, that doesn't bother me so much. You can think what you want of me, I'm not entitled to your respect, nor do I have need of it.
not quite that oppressed
I'll keep the comments on for discussion purposes. Don't expect to hear back from me, I don't have internet right now because I can't afford it lol (I'm uploading this from work.)
This isn't necessarily anti-feminism. But it is true that I've stopped using the word to describe myself because of things.

It's mainly this attitude of "I'm oppressed because I was born female" that bugs me. Especially when people get to saying bull like "men don't need positivity because they are privileged", that just comes across to me as playing the victim card.
Don't get me wrong, there are legitimate places where it's difficult. lol As a Christian woman, I could rant at you all day about the things that bug me about some mainstream Christian teachings. (At the same time, I respect churchs' right to ordain or not ordain who they please, that is their matter.) But I've also seen feminists actively ignore legitimate issues men have, or try to make it about them when they do acknowledge it.

That said, I am always learning and growing and my view is subject to change. But this is where I am after a few years of using the word feminist to describe myself, feeling like I'd rather not associate with it anymore. At the very least, people should be called out for spreading false information (like the wage gap thing) and making themselves into professional victims ("men don't need positivity because women are oppressed it's all about us screw your problems").


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OMG YAS plz let me dance and sing with you about how amazing Collies are <3<3<3

Thanks for the favourite too XD
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Hi there! You're my Secret Ranger, so this one's for you!…
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Hey, thanks for adding my work!
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Sweet, a fellow Libertarian!
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