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Sorry about the high amount of points I'm asking, but I spend a large amount of time on these to ensure that you get your money's worth.

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not your victim
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I consider myself a classic feminist/egalitarian, but I'm not a fan of radical feminism as I've seen it presented by it's supporters.  And Tumblr's brand of feminism honestly makes me wonder what's wrong with my generation.

Okay, not to say that there aren't some problems. I myself have been complaining a bit about female portrayal in media. In one of my favorite franchises, two female characters who had a lot of potential have been reduced to lovesick maidens, and treated as if the only thing that mattered about their characters in the end was that they got the man they always wanted and had his babies. Whoop-de-flipping-do. (Not that pairings and babies are a bad thing--heck, I normally eat that up in fiction. But I'm saying that their entire character development disappeared to accomplish this. I'm not okay with that.)
Women are objectified in media and in society as well. Not saying that isn't a problem.

But holy frick, I don't appreciate being made out to be some kind of victim over everything. I live in a first world country--I have the opportunity for education, I can provide for myself, I have a say in my nation's government.
Some may not see or treat me as an equal. That doesn't mean I'm not. Media may objectify my sex. That doesn't change the fact that I'm more than a body. What others may possibly, concievable think of me or my sex doesn't change who I am, and it doesn't make what they say or think true. The best way to fight back is by being myself and not giving a crap what others may think or assume based on what's between my legs.

Disabled comments because, no, I do not want to deal with the angry mobs. Nor do I have to. Neither is disabled comments an invitation to post on my profile or send me notes. I won't debate you, don't have time for it. (I'm a student, have work to do, I'm a busy person these days.) Make your own stamp if you need to say something.

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I just wanted to say, I saw your stamp on you not wanting to be victimized by radical feminists. I think its really cool that you don't take crap like that. I'm an equalist personally, and I'm fine with feminism, or any ideology really, just not the radical or extremist aspects of them.

More power to ya friend! :highfive:
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Hey, i wanted to ask if you knew of anymore character trio's like Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke? I`d prefer the more popular ones, i know there are alot in the Naruto series, but i wanted to know if you knew of any characters from books movies or games that were a trio with two boys and a girl?
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Thanks for visiting my page! :D
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